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Our Story

Founded in 2016, Heroes on the River provides an outlet for combat veterans to experience the camaraderie and excitement of their military service through outdoor adventure programs.

The Shenandoah Valley provides a beautiful landscape for many of our adventures. We recognized a need for an outdoor veteran organization in the area, and it was important for us to run a veteran nonprofit where 100% of its profits fund our mission.

Our Mission

Heroes on the River aims to bring our combat veteran community together through recreational activities and social events. Our programs are designed with the purpose of getting veterans connected with one another through outdoor adventures in a safe and positive environment.

Our Team

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Adam Packham


Adam Packham served in the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division and comes from a proud military background. Both parents served in the Air Force, his father having served in Vietnam and Desert Storm, his third great-grandfather served in the Illinois Infantry in the Civil War, his great- grandfather served in the Army in WWI, and his grandfather served in the Army in WWII. Adam founded Heroes on the River because he’s always wanted to do something to give back to his military community.

Becca Packham


Becca Packham works behind the scenes providing executive and administrative support to the organization. Becca works closely with Adam regarding event planning, bookkeeping, and building veteran relations.

Reach Out To Us

Would you like to participate in one of our events? Are you interested in supporting our cause through volunteering or donating? Please reach out to us!

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